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We design and manufacture unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to be used for video surveillance and aerial photography. Besides, we offer unmanned oil and gas pipelines surveillance services to fuel and energy companies and real-time mapping services using our drones. The main production facilities are located in Yerevan.

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Quality control and qualifecations

UAVLAB company make sure to closely monitor the production process according international standards.

Unmanned aerial vehicles

  • UAV technologies appeared a long time ago. At first, they were complicated and expensive complexes of an exceptionally military application. However, the last ten years saw a real breakthrough in the field. As computing systems grew smaller and satellite navigation developed (GPS/GLONASS), it became possible to design unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) of a smaller size and weight and, more importantly, at a much lower cost. Today UAV technologies are almost as accessible as domestic appliances.

Customer package of the remote UAV may include the following monitoring instruments (payload):

  • optical region video-recorders;

  • infaa-red (IR) band camera-recorders (infrared imager);

  • optical band cameras;

  • Video data from the UAV is transmitted through the radio channel to the ground control station (GCS). The data in the UAV is recorded to solid-state drive of a video recorder or transmitted to the GCS where it is saved to the computer memory.

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27, Azatutyan ave., Yerevan, RA, 0014

Tel:(+374 99) 000919

FAX:(+374 60) 770077